Niklas Zechner - Founder & Creative Mind driving change all over the world

To change, you need to do

Niklas started his professional career in 2019 after getting his design & marketing diploma in Salzburg, Austria. Starting as a freelancer, he managed to work on all sorts of design projects all over Europe. His main focused was building websites and helping companies build a brand to communicate their values. Companies like Neostorage, JustTec and Airzone grew with his expertise.

In 2021, Niklas founded, together with Raphael Marton, the startup Felloz and took a huge step into the social impact world. The goal was, and still is, to change the world by changing donations. As the CMO of Felloz his main job is to understand the problem, design the solution and help communicate the process and value to it.

Niklas is driven by having a real impact on the world and its people and therefore never stops at a problem. As an introvert, he sometimes struggels to talk effectively, but still loves doing it.


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